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The WE Movement is an international family of organizations that empowers you to enable positive social change. Learn more about WE, WE Charity and ME to WE.

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We definition is - I and the rest of a group that includes me : you and I : you and I and another or others : I and another or others not including you —used as pronoun of the first person plural. How to use we in a sentence.

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A common example is the royal we (Pluralis Majestatis), which is a nosism employed by a person of high office, such as a monarch, earl, or pope. Editorial "we" The editorial we is a similar phenomenon, in which editorial columnists in newspapers and similar commentators in other media refer to themselves as we when giving


Welcome to WE. WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. Get involved with your family, school, company or as an individual.

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The latest Tweets from WE (@WEMovement). WE are the generation that cares and acts and we provide the tools to GET DOING! Learn how you can make an impact at https ...

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We (Russian: Мы, romanized: My) is a dystopian novel by Russian writer Yevgeny Zamyatin, written 1920–1921. The novel was first published as an English translation by Gregory Zilboorg in 1924 by E. P. Dutton in New York. The novel describes a world of harmony and conformity within a united totalitarian state. George Orwell claimed that Aldous Huxley's 1931 Brave New World must be partly ...